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Wham! – Last Christmas

Last Christmas had it’s beginnings in 1984, while George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley were visiting George’s parents on an ordinary Sunday. After having something to eat and while everyone was sitting together relaxing, George unnoticeably went upstairs for an hour or so. He came back downstairs all excited as if he had discovered gold. They went upstairs to George’s old bedroom were he had kept a keyboard to record sparks of inspiration and played Andrew the introduction and chorus melody to “Last Christmas”, according to Ridgeley, it was a moment of wonder.

Last Christmas is a song by English pop duo Wham!, released on Epic Records in December 1984, on a double A-side with “Everything She Wants”. It was written and produced by George Michael, and has been covered by many artists since its original release.

The song reached number one in Ireland, Slovenia and Sweden and number two in six countries including Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Norway and United Kingdom. Wham! donated all of their royalties to the Ethiopian famine.