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10 Most Damaging Computer Virus

Computer virus is more than just wiping up the information in your hard drive. Computer virus had caused $8.5 billion of consumer losses in 2008 alone.

If you think that you are so intelligent not to fall for computer virus, then, how will you react if the computer virus had used famous tennis star Anna Kournikova to trap its victims? The Anna Kournikova virus was so notorious that it had paralyzed thousands of servers all over the world but it did not even made it our list as other computer virus were deemed more damaging.

10. Stuxnet (2010)

9. SirCam (2001)

8. Slammer (2003)

7. Klez.H (2002)

6. Sasser (2004)

5. Conficker (2008)

4. Most Damaging Computer Virus MyDoom (2004)

3. iloveyou bug (2000)

2. Gameover Zeus (2014)

1. Most Damaging Computer Virus Code Red (2001)

Code red had infected over 225,000 computer systems worldwide in which sites that were affected had displayed messages of “Hacked by Chinese”. But despite the message, the exact origin of the virus was unclear.

Ultimate goal of the worm was to gather strength by infecting pc and let those computers attack a numerical internet address which represented the White House. But the White House was prepared for the cyber attack as it apparently changed its web site to a different IP address to avoid any possible attacks. The CERT Coordination Center, emergency response team located at Carnegie Melllon University reported that at least 225,000 computers were infected. Meanwhile, according to US Computer Emergency Response Team, Code Red, had infected tens of thousands of internet site. It was estimated that the damage cost of Code Red was around $1.2 billion.