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Angelina Jolie Nearly Bared All At 19 For Steamy Photo Shoot – Pics Resurface Online

Angelina Jolie is now 39, and arguably one the biggest female movie stars in the world.

But when she she was 19, she posed for a steamy photo shoot to promote her first starring film role, in the 1995 cyber-thriller Hackers.

Now, 20 years later, the unused Angelina Jolie photos have appeared online — according to some as the result of a leak caused by hackers, which would certainly make for a case of karma, if true.

The reports that the photos were released by hackers are so far unconfirmed, but unlike in the case earlier this year, in which hundreds of female celebrities saw private nude selfies released as the result of a massive, illegal hack, the Jolie photo shoot was a professional job, and part of her own job, as she worked diligently to create the persona that would make her a major star.

The photos, even the racier shots, are not especially revealing. However, they do show an overtly seductive, racy side of Angelina Jolie that, now that she is married mother of six and respected director of such serious dramas as the current Unbroken, she no longer displays in public.

The sizzling photo shoot, however, was not unusual for Angelina Jolie at age 19, or at any stage of her early career. As Jolie fans are well aware, she performed numerous R-rated sex scenes and appeared at least partially nude in several of her early films.

Starting with the lighthearted 1996 “road movie” Mojave Moon, through the dark, 2004 serial killer mystery Taking Lives — in which she appears in an especially raunchy sex scene with co-star Ethan Hawke — the younger Jolie was never shy about baring all and flaunting her sexuality for the sake of her art, or some might say, her career.

But at age 19, Jolie — though she first appeared on film at age 7 alongside her father, actor Jon Voight, in the 1982 comedy Lookin’ To Get Out — was eager to make her mark on the Hollywood scene.

In the 2-decade-old photos from the Hackers promo shoot, she can be seen baring her now-famous legs, pouting while in oversize curlers, and hiking up her skirt suggestively as presses her bare chest against a wall.

Conflicting reports date the previously unseen photo shoot to 1997, which would have made Angelina 22 or 23 when she posed for this modeling session, but most sources date the Jolie shoot to 1994, when the soon-to-be star was just 19.