Iranian Copy of Facebook ( Hacked, 116k User Accounts Leaked

A group of hackers today hacked into the Iranian biggest social network website (Iranian copy of Facebook), ending up with leaking 116,255 unique user credentials online. The website is down and under maintenance since the hack.

After analyzing the data with the help of Hacked-DB, it was revealed that overall compromised user accounts are 116,255, containing usernames, email addresses and their MD5 password. The data is legit and wasn’t available on the Internet before the breach.

A live screenshot from shows it’s down for maintenance page.

According to our sources the email address of hacker is, Yandex is a Russian email service. However, this doesn’t mean the hackers are Russian as the hacker published an image writing (I’ll attach it) in Persian so it means that hacker is either a Persian or knows how to write Persian.