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World’s smallest portable flying camera is controlled by your smartphone: airselfie

Aerial photography is no longer exclusive to high-budget film crews, thanks to airselfie. As the world’s smallest portable drone camera, the device measures just 3.72 x 2.65 centimeters and has an integrated 5MP video camera. With its tiny fan propellors powered by brushless motors, the camera can fly as high as 20 meters in the air. The device comes with an inbuilt 4GB micro SD card to store your photos, and when pictures are taken with the camera they sync directly onto your phone via its self-generated 2.4GHz wifi network.

The team behind airselfie look to break the assumption that fly camera drones are expensive, bulky and difficult to control. Airselfie has a sleek, italian design inherited from co-founder eduardo scroppiana that redefines what an aerial camera should look like, in turn making it elegant and easy to use. The microdrone weighs a bare 52g, thanks to its anodized aluminum casing.