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The new iMac Pro is truly a Beast WWDC 2017

AT ITS ANNUAL developer’s conference keynote, Apple introduced the usual suite of software upgrades, with an added dose of augmented reality and the (sort of) surprise appearance of HomePod, Cupertino’s high-end Echo competitor. The products themselves, though, felt of secondary importance to the audience they were pitched to: the creative professionals that had, in recent years, faded from Apple’s view.

For the designers, developers, video editors, and other pro-grade creatives who grew up on Apple, it’s been a long, lonely stretch. The last significant update of the Mac Pro line came in 2013, in the form of a so-so cylindrical waste bin. More recently, Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro refresh seemed to ignore the second part of its name entirely, lacking performance-focused specs, and topping out at a relatively wimpy 16GB of RAM. Even Apple acknowledged that its Pro line had fallen behind, offering something close to an apology to hand-picked press outlets in April.

At WWDC, Apple offered a reprieve from that neglect. It came primarily in the form of Apple’s hulking, space-gray iMac Pro desktop—which won’t ship until December—but also in features and demonstrations that introduced the latest iPad Pro. The message from the stage was clear: We haven’t forgotten you. And it couldn’t have come soon enough—both for Apple’s customers, and the company itself.