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Here’s What a Solar Eclipse Looks Like in 4K From Close-Up

During the recent eclipse over America thousands of photographers pointed their cameras to the sky in the hopes of capturing some amazing photos of the rare phenomenon, however photographer JunHo Oh didn’t just photograph the eclipse – he captured some 4K footage of totality up-close and in real time and the end result is quite spectacular.

The footage was captured by Oh as the eclipse passed over Oregon. In order to film the eclipse he used a combination of equipment including a 2160mm f/12 telescope, a Panasonic GX85 and a robotic mount by RainbowAstro that allowed him to trace the edge of the totality as it was happening.

Thanks to that awesome setup we get to see the Sun’s corona as well as quite a bit of detail on the moons surface. The video above is a zoomed in version of the video you see below which shows more detail.