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Anonymous – This will Change Everything You Know… (2018-2019)

Anonymous – This will Change Everything You Know… (2018-2019)

We have known for years that television is a method of programming the population. The shows are called “programs”. Forced schooling is another method of programming, indoctrination. More and more people have begun to realize this fact, too. What is being exposed now is that social media, i.e, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are also methods of programming people, by appealing to our desire to be “liked”. Two of the creators of Facebook are now telling people of this conscious intent to, in effect, addict the users of social media, which is actually reprogramming your brain in an effort to get a dopamine hit each time someone “likes”, or comments on our social media page.

If you don’t think you are addicted to social media, try staying away from it for one week. It will be painful for you, if you are a regular user of any of the social media sites. If it is painful, either emotionally, physically or mentally to stay off from your social media site, then you are addicted.

The cure for your addiction? Either avoid social media sites entirely, or use them as a tool, not a desire for that dopamine hit. Don’t think about whether you have more “likes”. They are not important. If you have information to impart, then impart it and be done with it. If there is information you seek, social media is not the place to look.

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