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Stephen Hawking Absolutely Ruined John Oliver In Funniest Interview Ever

Stephen Hawking was a credit to comedy and the power of light-hearted human resilience, as much as he was an icon of scientific endeavour.

In case you missed it, the pioneering theoretical physicist changed the way we think about the universe – and our place within it – when he demonstrated how space and time would have begun with the Big Bang and explained black holes.

These musings on all matters seem infinitely incomprehensible to us laymen but Hawking’s real genius was his wonderful way of bringing out-of-this-world theories to the mainstream.

Time and time again, the eminent thinker turned interviews into viral hits with his so-called sick burns.

During Last Week Tonight‘s series, aptly titled People Who Think Good by HBO, Hawking managed to cover all manner of topics with host, John Oliver, including parallel universes, artificial intelligence, and imaginary time.

Yet, after four minutes of debate, he delivered this cutting rejoinder:

When pushed by John Oliver to explain that his theory of infinite universes would mean there would be a universe in which Oliver was smarter than Hawking, the professor replied simply:


And one where you’re funny.

What. A. Burn.

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