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New IT social networking web site called Idomaster comes from Slovakia

New IT social networking web site called Idomaster comes from Slovakia

If you go to, you will see nice blue page and some white simple information on it. At first sight it is not completely clear what is this site about and it already wants you to log in. But if you roll down, everything will become much clear. In very important section About, you will find out, that this site is able to help you with all your IT problems and offers much more. At the bottom of page you will find all information that you need to know.

Once you register, which is of course for free, you will be able to ask or offer help in field of information technologies. You can even register as a person or as a company. That will help you, if you want to keep the transaction in books.

What you can expect from Idomaster?

There are at least two ways in which can be idomaster helpfull for you depending on fact, if you are IT specialist or you need help in this field.

If you are NOT IT specialist, idomaster offers you help to find solutions on every IT problem. In case that you need help, you can simply Add issue and specialist in this field will contact you with proper solutions and detailed instructions how to solve your issue. If is this service with fee, they will also add price.

But you could be surprised, sometimes you can get solution also for free. This depends on specialists and their opinion.

If you are IT specialist and you need to work more, we can highly recommend to become a member of Idomaster team. How much you will work and what will you offer depends on your decision.

Firstly you´ll make contract with idomaster where all necessary condicitions and provisions will be settled. After this you can offer your services with or without fees. Do not forget to check existing issues, there could be someone who already asked for issue that you can solve.

Sometimes happened that also experts can find too BIG IT problem, which need more people to be solved. Idomaster connects all specialists under one platform, so also experts can comunicate to each other.

No issue is too big or too small for Idomaster´s specialized experts.

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